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The venue for WAQA meetings changed in January 2001. Meetings are now held at the Scarborough Sportsmen's Club, Cnr Deanmore Road & Sackville Terrace, Scarborough, Perth, Western Australia.

The first Wednesday of every month from 7.30 pm is a Business Meeting. General business issues are addressed and this is often followed by a guest speaker.

Sewing Day is on the third Tuesday of the month, 10am to 3pm, and Sewing nights are on the Third Wednesday night of every month, 7.30pm to 10pm. These meetings include Show and Tell, fun and lots of laughter.

The Hexagon Club meet with the Crazy Quilt Club on the fourth Friday of each month at 1pm. The venue is the Uniting Church Hall on the corner of Calais Road and Minibah Street, Wembley Downs.

The Management Committee meet on the last Thursday of the month.  If you have issues to be put on the agenda for these meetings please phone Kris on 9470 3861.

For a more detailed description of what happens at our meetings, or if you're planning to come to one of our meetings for the first time read on.

What to Expect at a Meeting

Your first visit to a Sewing Day or Sewing Night

On Sewing Days and Sewing Nights a Hostess Group greets everyone at the Hostess Desk.  If the Hostess' don't recognise straight away that you've never been before let them know you're new.  They'll ask you to sign the Visitor's Book and will give you a name tag with a blue ribbon.  The ribbon Indicates to all our members that you're new here so experienced members can offer help if you look a bit lost. Please wear the ribbon at meetings until you feel comfortable among the members. If you decide to join you'll be given a plastic holder for your membership badge.

After you have signed the Visitor's Book, look for the Hostess Table just inside the main room.  You can leave your belongings there while you investigate the rest of the building.  A Hostess (with a large black "Hostess" badge) should be there to help you settle in.  We understand that walking into a room full of unfamiliar faces can be quite daunting, but the following tips may make things easier.

  1. If you're on your own, you can stay at the Hostess Table if you wish.  However, feel free to wander and see what others are doing.  Most of us are very happy to explain what we're doing.  Visit the Library or help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee.  At tea breaks you wash your own cup, at lunchtimes the Hostess Group washes up to save congestion in the kitchen.
  2. Come early if possible, before the crowd gets too large and intimidating.
  3. Mention to the Hostess which suburb you're from.  The Hostess may then introduce you to people from "your neck of the woods".  We have small sewing groups which meet separately in various suburbs and you may find there's a group near you that has room for a new member.
  4. Bring some hand sewing.   If it's a Sewing Day either bring a sandwich lunch or order your lunch when you arrive.   There is a list kept at the Hostess desk where you can order lunch from the Deli so all you have to do is collect and pay for it at lunchtime. You may bring something for Show and Tell if you'd like to.  Tea/coffee and a raffle ticket is provided as part of the $2.00 entry fee for members.  Tea/coffee is free for visitors.  If you wish you may purchase a raffle ticket for the princely sum of $2 and keep it for the Door Prize draw after Show and Tell.
  5. Be prepared to stay for Show and Tell (approx 1pm for Sewing Days and 9pm for Sewing Nights), it's the best part of the meeting.

Your first visit to a Business Night

If it is a Business meeting we don't have a Hostess desk.  In this case introduce yourself to the closest person wearing a name badge. That person will usually offer to look after you or will find someone to be your "buddy" for the evening. There is an attendance book with a section for visitors to sign. We don't have Show and Tell on Business Nights but there is usually a quilt-related talk by a guest speaker after business issues have been dealt with.   After the talk, tea and coffee are available before you go home.

Library Cards

As a visitor you cannot borrow library books.  However, when you join the Association you receive 5 library pockets.  Metropolitan members may take out three books and two magazines, or two books and three magazines, or one book and four or five magazines.  The pockets are updated with stickers each year when you renew your membership. When you have chosen your books, take them to the "Out" librarian and sign the cards at the back of the books.  The librarian will keep the card and a pocket for each book/magazine, and date stamp the book for you.  It's then yours for a month.  You may look at books in the library area but please do NOT take books to browse into the main sewing room without signing them out on a ticket.  After the month, return the books to the "In" librarian and your pockets will be returned to you.  Country members are allowed to have the same quota of items for two months and should contact the Country Librarian, Lorraine Thomson.

We look forward to seeing you at Quilters' meetings in the future.