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The WAQA Exhibition for the year 2000 was held at the Burswood Dome, Perth, Western Australia, from Thursday 25th May to Sunday 28th May 2000.



I am currently experiencing some difficulty with the links for enlargements, so these thumbnail prints are all I can provide for now.  Hopefully the problem will be resolved in the near future.


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Above: Kris and Peg at the entry to QuiltWest 2000 Above: Best of Show.  Adriana Gismondi: Out of the Wood Comes Dancing the Maid. Above: Best of Show.  Adriana Gismondi: Out of the Wood Comes Dancing the Maid (detail). Above: 30's Charm by Leslie Richardson
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Above: Tidemark: Cape Tribulation by Wendy Lugg Above: Blue Star by Robynne Vallence Above: Outback Contrasts by Patricia Fitzgerald Above: The Castle by Caitlin Slatter
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Above: A Country Sampler by Helen Stephens Above: My Red Quilt by Karen Lakeman Above: Serendipity Sojourn by Mignonne Marsh Above: Peg with the QuiltWest 2000 Raffle Quilts
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Above: Japanese Baltimore by Elaine Croman Above: Fallen Leaves by Phyllis Pearson Above: Yesterday Today and Forever by Barbara Morkel Above: For Those in Peril on the Sea by Maureen Palmer
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Above: Two To Tango by Veronica Mcloughlin Above: Teddy Collector by Valerie Whiteman Above: Friendly Freddie by Liz Arnold Above: Ballet Russes Quilt by Deborah Claringbold
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Above: Trish's Kind of Heaven by Jan Rowe Above: The Kaffe Fassett display Above: An Ocean for Teagan by Diana Vincent Above: Sunset Over Lord Howe Island by Julie Blythell-Douglas
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Above: Milky Way by Di Mansfield Above: The Condo Meowing by Adriana Gismondi Above: Life No.4 (left) by Brenda Ford Above: Rag Tag by Brenda Ford
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Above: Flying Free by Jette Ford Above: Pathways from the past - window to the future by Suzanne Wray Above: The Golden Harvest by Kath Balfour Above: Black & White Minstrels by Lindley Hemingway
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Above: The Kaffe Fassett Display Above: My Hoffman Quilt by Susan Creer Above: To Japan and Back Again by Helen Ryan Above: Wedding Path by Leslie Richardson
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Above: Orange Peel with Zest by Faye Cunningham Above: Purple Patch by Judy Campbell Above: ...And they lived happily ever after by Jannie Rees Above: Peg, Gay and Kate look after the raffle table
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Above: Hens Party by Lois Neagle Above: Spark of Creativity by Liz Arnold Above: Susan Creer & Kris Skeffington on duty Above: Invitation Quilt. Once Upon a Time by Adriana Gismondi (Best of Show 1998)
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Above: Antique Squares by Hellen Stratton Above: My Heart of Memories by Carole Pianto Above: Clashing Reds with Yellow by Christine Mok