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Sheila Pye

Artist Profile

Sheila Pye has been making quilts for less than a decade and is an accredited teacher with the West Australian Quilter’s Association. She specializes in machine quilting and embroidery and is quickly developing a national reputation for fine machine stitching and design work

During the last decade Sheila has taught at several leading patchwork shops in Perth and often travels to the country to conduct workshops.

Sheila set up her own business in 1996 and is currently designing a series of quilt patterns to be released later this year.

Machine quilting is Sheila’s passion and she thoroughly enjoys teaching beginners the techniques related to machine quilting. She delights in seeing students getting to know their sewing machine and using them as a tool of creativity as they work towards completing their quilts.

Sheila quilts have been featured in Australian Patchwork and Quilting, Creative Embroidery by Machine and Jenny Haskins book Victorian Pansies.


MACHINE QUILTING 1 day workshop       Beginners

All aspects of machine quilting are covered in this workshop which includes material covered in the beginners workshop. Students will work on a small quilt that has been made and marked with the patterns provided prior to the workshop. Free motion quilting techniques will be covered more fully than in the basic workshop. We will work on different backgrounds for quilting your blocks such as echo quilting, curved line quilting, clamshell and of course stipple quilting.

TRAPUNTO BY MACHINE 1 day workshop      Beginners

 Enhance your machine quilting with the classic look of trapunto. Traditionally the raised effect of trapunto has been achieved when a quilt has been completed by  piercing tiny holes in the back of the quilt and then stuffing the chosen areas with wadding. The tiny holes are then sewn up by hand. As you can imagine this work was quite  time consuming - now with the use of washaway thread and a technique known as layering you can have your quilts completed in no time at all. Stipple quilting will be covered in this workshop. A cushion will be made in the one day workshop. We will work on a cushion in this workshop and full instructions will be given for applying the technique to a quilt.

 INVISIBLE MACHINE APPLIQUE 1 day workshop      Beginners

 This is a new quilt Sheila has designed that consists of 2 blocks - one block is pieced and the other is appliqued. Students will make the appliquéd block in the workshop using the amazing sew cut and turn method, no more templates or freezer paper! This method will allow you to complete projects quickly without losing precision. Iron on Vilene eliminates pinning while creating a neatly turned under edge so no more frayed edges for machine appliqué stitchers. Students will be provided with the full set of written instructions for the pieced block which they can make at home.


 This quilt will appeal to both the beginner and experienced quilter Just one easy block is all it takes to make this intricate looking quilt,. You cannot fail to be delighted with the results when you make this quilt using your favourite scrap fabrics.

 SCRAP NINE PATCH 1 day workshop

 This is a quilt for all fabricaholics who have accumulated heaps of scrap fabrics and want to put them to good use.  It is an excellent quilt for the beginner to make as you will learn strip piecing and quick cutting techniques in the class.


This quilt is specially designed for the Pfaff Creative Quilting Cards. Create a lovely heirloom using these quilting designs to give your quilt that special look. You will learn pattern placement during this class as well as stipple quilting to give your quilt that antique look.

Information for this page supplied by Sheila in February, 2000.

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Fax 08 9307 9894

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